GEECL strategy


  • Supply-demand dynamics in Indian gas market is extremely attractive and likely to remain so for the next 20 years

  • Large, well-defined and well-mapped Raniganj (South) block has an estimated 10.62 TCF Original-Gas-in-Place

  • Compared with the other major U.S. CBM basins, GEECL's Raniganj (South) block displays remarkable similarities with the Black-Warrior basin of USA where multiple coal seams with significant gas content and favourable permeability account for high productivity

  • Raniganj (South) block is at the heart of West Bengal's large and growing industrial centre

  • Meeting energy needs of our major industrial customers in Raniganj (South) block, where we are located

  • Demand is substantial and growing and the winners will be those who have the production and the infrastructure already in place