Unlisted Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs)

GDRs are negotiable certificates issued by depositary banks, against the underlying shares which are lodged with the custodian bank. Great Eastern's depositary bank is Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and its custodian bank is ICICI Bank Limited. Each Great Eastern GDR represents 0.5 ordinary shares of the Company's issued share capital. Any rights attached to the Great Eastern GDRs, such as voting rights, need to be exercised through the depositary bank.

The last day of trading of the GDRs on the London Stock Exchange was April 21, 2023. Thereafter, following the Cancellation of the Listing, the Company’s GDRs became unlisted GDRs.

Apart from being unlisted, the GDRs will continue to have the same structure as they did. If any holder of the unlisted GDRs, has any queries regarding the cancellation and / or conversion of their unlisted GDRs, voting at the annual and / or extraordinary general meeting(s), and dividend distribution, they should contact the depository i.e. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (adr@db.com). For all other queries please contact the Company at (ir@geecl.com).

The unlisted GDRs have been admitted to trade on the JP Jenkins securities dealing platform. As an initiative to provide ease to holders of unlisted GDRs, this step goes beyond the obligations of the Company to offer holders of unlisted GDRs with a platform to trade their unlisted holdings.

JP Jenkins is the longest established trading platform in the United Kingdom for unlisted or unquoted companies, enabling holders of unlisted securities and prospective investors to transact on a matched bargain basis.

Should holders of unlisted GDRs wish to trade their holdings, they can do so through their stockbroker. Further information is available on https://jpjenkins.com/company/great-eastern-energy-corporation-limited/